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4 Skin Care Treatments that Put Your Best Face Forward

A young man putting his best face forward by looking directly into the camera.

The desire to look young and more attractive goes beyond vanity.  Sure, most people want to look their best, but competition in the workplace and for life partners demands it.  As men get older, they need to take care of themselves, stay fit, and be relevant in a changing world.  If not, they simply get old.  When that happens, their career prospects fade, and their partners can lose interest.  Fortunately, there are things men can do to stay looking vibrant.  Going to a spa for skincare and wellness treatments is one of them. It’s socially acceptable, and men are embracing the opportunities to look and feel better.  In the first of a two-part series, here are popular skin treatments to put your best face forward. 

Popular Facial Treatments for Men

The most popular treatment is a facial. It’s non-invasive and a great way to dip your toe in the water. Typically a facial is a series of products and treatments that all take place during one visit to a spa. The costs start around $40 and go up from there, depending on the type of facial and products used.  Most of them include some variation of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, toning, and moisturizing.  The result is a fresh, youthful glow. It’s temporary and only lasts a few days, but with consistency, facials will result in a healthier skin tone than simple home-based skincare regimens.  According to SioBeauty, the most popular facial treatments for men include:

  • Anti-Aging Facial.  This treatment often includes glycolic or hyaluronic acid products and serums that work together to stimulate collagen production.  Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and responsible for skin elasticity.  As we age, we produce less collagen, and our skin loses elasticity, resulting in lines and wrinkles on our skin.  
  • Deep Cleaning Facial.  This treatment removes toxins and excess oil from the skin. Both combine to clog pores that produce blackheads and blemishes.  
  • Exfoliating Facial.  Exfoliation, done manually or chemically, removes dead skin cells.  It increases blood circulation and speeds up cell turnover.  After the treatment, your skin will look healthy and glowing.
  • Oxygen Facial.  Oxygen is infused into the skin with an airbrush to help soothe stressed skin, reduce inflammation, reduce wrinkles, and restore a youthful appearance to your face.

It’s okay, really. . .

A man getting a facial while the attendant applies a mask with a brush.

More men than ever are getting face and body treatments are spas.  To accommodate them, many spas have changed their facilities and décor to make them feel comfortable.  A recent article in the New York Post quoted  Garrett Mersberger, board chairman of the International Spa Association, “We’re seeing a lot more men going to spas,” Mersberger said. “It used to always be a female-driven thing. We’re now seeing 50-50, if not swinging more toward the males.”  A concern for health and wellness seems to be the driving force behind the spike in men’s business.  For most men, a spa treatment goes beyond pampering. “It’s a lifestyle choice with benefits to my body and to my wellness. It’s part of my routine now and not just about relaxation,” Mersberger said.  Of course, the relaxation and boost to self confidence doesn’t hurt either.

Competition for jobs and partners is everywhere, so many men want to put their best face forward at all times.  The damaging effects of the sun and pollution, along with the inevitable aging process, can result in looking old and tired.  Fortunately, good skincare and a little help from a licensed professional can reverse the damage and restore a youthful glow.  That will keep you in the games that matter most.  Another source of products that keep you in the game is  Check out our extensive line of male enhancement and fitness products.  From Kangaroo Mega 3000, nine Rhino formulas, and Poseidon (the strongest formula on the market), we have what you need to when you need to perform at the highest level.  And as always, we offer FREE same day shipping.  Stock up today.

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