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Boost Your Performance With These 6 Proven Habits

A man on a mountain top, symbolizing the results of this blog, boost your performance with these 6 proven habits.

Most people we know strive for greater performance.  Whether it’s in the boardroom, the gym, or the bedroom, improving our skills and relationships is human nature.  And while most people want to improve, only a few ever reach peak performance. Game Changer Products is all about performance. We know that if you want to achieve success, you have to show up every day and work hard.  Along with that, there are proven habits of high performing individuals we can adopt to give us an edge.  If you want to learn more, read on and boost your performance with these 6 proven habits.

Start Strong in the Morning

High performing individuals start strong in the morning.  They get up early and have morning routines that set their day up for success.  According to, highly successful people rise before 5:30 am. Early morning hours are easier to control because there are fewer interruptions.  In the quiet of the morning, when most people are asleep, highly successful people can accomplish a lot. Exercise is often at the top of the early-morning to-do list. Studies prove moving your body helps to think more clearly, combat stress, and feel happier.  Meditation, practicing gratitude, journaling, and strategic thinking are all part of the morning routines of highly successful people, so now is the best time to develop a strong morning routine for yourself.

Face Challenges Head-On

A man throwing a punch wearing boxing gloves.
Facing challenges head-on will build the confidence needed to face future obstacles to success.

High performers don’t shy away from challenges. In fact, they often look at challenges as opportunities.  You need to develop this mindset. Early on the Covid pandemic, our staff here at Game Changer started getting more feedback from customers experiencing shipping delays. In almost every case, the cause was often traced to the post office.  They were overwhelmed and understaffed.  Instead of ignoring complaints, we saw the opportunity to connect with our customers, share updated tracking information, and contact the USPS directly to facilitate delivery. To be fair, most of our packages get delivered within a reasonable amount of time. But when a customer experiences a significant shipping delay, facing it head-on helps us keep our customers happier.  If you are avoiding a challenge, step up and face it. You will be rewarded with personal growth and more confidence to perform better.

Be Resilient

Highly successful people give up, just not easily.  They stick to their convictions, the goals they set, and the projects they work on.  Like everyone, they encounter setbacks, but they stick to it. Sometimes they wait for an opportunity, sometimes they pivot to a new position, but the resilience to keep going and achieve success often carries the day.  That’s part of the secret to success in all aspects of life. 

Seek Feedback

Sometimes you can be too close to a project or problem to see things clearly.  When this happens, judgment can get clouded and result in poor decisions.  High performing individuals seek feedback to help clarify and gain a new perspective.  When feedback shows a better way to handle a challenge, highly successful people quickly learn from their mistakes and pivot to better strategies.  

Sometimes a quick phone call, or a text message is all it takes to get a new perspective on a problem you struggle to solve. Build a network of people you trust to give you honest, constructive feedback and try it. To be sure, ask a couple people for advice and take the one that makes most sense to you.

A woman reading a text message on her mobile phone and experiencing an aha moment.
Quick feedback from a trusted colleague can be the solution you didn’t consider.

Plan Ahead

Success doesn’t happen by accident.  Success starts with a plan, and high performing men and women develop strategic plans to ensure success. Taking the time to plan puts action temporarily on hold and allows for deliberate, systematic, and strategic thinking and results in solid action plans. Timelines, tactics, and contingencies are part of most plans, and according to, planning is the key factor to the success of many billionaires.

Sweet Success

A stream of honey dripping onto a spoon.

Now you know how to boost your performance with these 6 proven habits.  Some of the habits you might already have down.  And if you are a Game Changer customer, you already plan ahead. Buying one of our sensual enhancement products means you’re planning for intimate times, and you’re on your way to better performance. Did you know some of our best-performing products come in honey and candy form?  Check out our Honey, Candy, and More product page and select from gummy bears, hard candy, and a variety of honey products for men and women.  Life demands performance. Game Changer Products delivers, and so can you!

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