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How to Spot the Different Fans at your Superbowl Party

Football fans cheering while watching television.

The Superbowl returns on Sunday.  We love the Superbowl because it’s far more than just a football game.  It decides the champions of the league, but it’s so much more than just a championship game.  Superbowl Sunday is an event.  It’s the biggest sporting event in the country and according to Tech Crunch, over 100 million people watch it. Most people we know either throw a watch party or attend one at a friend’s home. We go to a Superbowl party every year and have noticed that there are at least four distinct groups of fans in attendance every year.  Here is how to spot the different fans at your Superbowl party.

The Teams People

These are folks who have a close connection to the teams playing in the game.  You can typically spot them by the team jerseys the are wearing.  They sit close to the television and are focused on the game.  Team People cheer loudly when their team scores and are dispirited when their team is losing.  They may drink a little but probably don’t eat anything unless it’s halftime or at the end of them game (if their team wins).  If their team loses, they will be too distraught to eat and quickly go home.  If you are not one of the Teams People, don’t try to engage with them.  They are there to watch their team play and the “party” goes on around them.

The Football Fans

These people love the game of football but have no dog in the hunt.  If they root for a specific team, that team is not playing in the game.  Like the Teams People, they sit near the television so they can enjoy the last game of the season and watch the struggle between two great teams.  Football Fans will eat and drink throughout the entire game, often seen with a plate of food and a drink close to them so they can nibble while they watch.  If you are a fan of the game, these are your people.  They will easily engage especially if you can talk about teams, players and stats.

The Entertainment Groupies

A microphone with staging lighting in the background is one way to spot the different fans at your Superbowl party.
It’s all about the National Anthem and the halftime for Entertainment Groupies

This group doesn’t really care about the teams or the game.  They come because of all the entertainment and spectacle surrounding Superbowl Sunday.  They want to see the celebrity sing the national anthem, the funny advertising, and the halftime show.  The halftime show is the biggest draw for them.  When the second quarter ends the Teams People and the Football Fans take a break to use the bathroom and grab a drink or chicken wing. That’s when the entertainment groupies move close to the screen to take it all in.  If you want to engage with this group, be prepared to critique the performances, the costumes and the special effects. 

The Foodies

These folks are at the party primarily to indulge in the food served.  They spend most of the party gathered away from the television, and happily spend their time grazing on the spread of dips, chips, chicken, chili, barbecue, vegetable and cheese platters, brownie bites and chocolate chip cookie bars.  This group is the easiest to engage with.  If you’re eating and drinking, they will talk to you about any subject you want. 

The Post Game

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