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Four Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

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Success comes from a lifetime of learning, growing, reaching, trying, failing, adapting, and trying again.  Let’s face it the process is exhausting.  Sometimes everyone needs a little motivation, advice, and direction from those who are on the same journey.  Podcasts are a great way to learn from others who share your experience, gain insights from those who have blazed new trails, and pick up hacks to improve your confidence and more success.  The Game Changer team listens to podcasts all the time, so we decided to share four podcasts that will change your life. These are some of our favorite shows, why we like them, a list of recent guests, and episodes that have impacted our lives.  If you want to live a better life, read on, listen in, and take action on the tips you learn.

The Story of Greatness

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes is one of the four podcasts that will change your life.

Hosted by Lewis Howes, this podcast is all about how to unlock your inner greatness.  It’s a great mix of Long episodes (about an hour) with short ones (5-minute Friday), so you can select episodes to fit your schedule.  The longer episodes recap important points at the end, which is helpful if you are taking notes.

Recent Guests:   Gary Vaynerchuk, Kevin Hart, Michael Bennett

Episodes We Love:         

#978—The Secret to Building Bulletproof Confidence

Lewis Howes talks about the link between setting healthy goals and holding yourself accountable to the confidence you need to succeed.

#971—How to Defeat a Negative Mindset and Why You Were Born to WIN

Les Brown’s storytelling about his personal experiences is spellbinding and deliver lessons on overcoming adversity and mental resolve.

#961The 5 Keys to Long-Term Happiness and Prosperity

Yale University Professor Dr. Laurie Santos talks about the science of well being, how to make better choices, and five actionable steps to become happier today. 

The Ed Mylett Show

The Ed Mylett Show is one of the four podcasts that will change your life, from Game Changer Products LLC.

Host Ed Mylett is a former athlete and business executive, and his podcast showcases peak performers across all industries, sports, and entertainment.  Learn about their journeys, lessons they’ve learned along the way, and actionable steps you can use to be more successful.

Recent Guests:   Alex Rodriguez, Nikki Glaser, Randy Jackson

Episodes We Love:         

May 06—High-Performance Habits Explained with Brendon Burchard

Learn how to reprogram your mind to think like a peak performer and use proven habits to take your life to the next level. 

  June 16—Evolve Your Brain with John Assaraf

This episode is like a software upgrade for your brain.  Learn secrets behind purging negative habits and start new habits and routines that will deliver positive results in your business and life.

May 12—Destroy Negative Thoughts with Trevor Moawad

Learn how top athletes overcome their performance anxiety, negative thoughts, and fear using techniques you can start using today.

Creating Confidence with Heather Monahan

Creating Confidence with Heather Monahan.

Host Heather Monahan shows you how to create the confidence you need to overcome obstacles, lead with certainty, and pivot to take advantage of opportunities in every situation.  Heather mixes guest interviews, personal experiences, and answers questions from her followers.

Recent Guests:  Tank Sinatra, Sara Happ, Cal Fussman

Episodes We Love:

  Nov 5—Seizing Opportunities with Kim Gravel

Learn how preparation is critical to success.  Kim says you can’t create opportunities, but you can be prepared to capitalize on them when they come your way.

  May 26—Pivoting & Transitioning Your Business Online.

Whether you are creating a new business or pivoting your current business online, Dean Graziosi provides actionable steps to make it successful.

Jul14—How to Successfully Manage Million Dollar Deals & High-End Personalities with Composure & Authority

Tracy Tutor from Million Dollar Listing LA gives lessons on managing unpredictable situations, being authentic, and partnerships.

The Dave Ramsey Show

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Dave Ramsey helps millions of people find a responsible way to financial freedom.  This is one of the four podcasts that will change your life because managing your finances properly gives you opportunities. In his podcast, Dave takes questions from listeners and gives advice on business, debt, investing, retirement, and relationships.    

Episodes We Love: 

July 14—The Baby Steps that Will Give You Economic Immunity

Economic immunity is a journey, and small things you can do today will set the foundation for a sound financial future.

July 6—The Difference Between Hoping and Planning

Listen to success stories from regular people who turned their finances around and the impact it has made in their lives.

July 1—Put Breaks on Your Life When You Have a Spending Problem

When you can’t control your spending, racking up debt will affect all areas of your life.  Reset your habits, take control, and get back on track.

Our four favorite podcasts will change your life, especially when it comes to performance. Like our slogan says, Life Demands Performance, and here at Game Changer Products, we want to help you perform at your best.  We publish articles to help you build a great life, and offer products to help you perform your best at one of life’s great pleasures.  Check out our store. If you are interested in trying a product, we suggest you consider our 3 Best Selling Sampler Pack.  You get to try three of our most popular products!  That way, you can see which one works best for you.  Then come back, fill your cart, and let the fun times roll on.

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