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Four Things We Love About Autumn

A kayaker on a fall day, surrounded by trees reflected in the lake.  One of  the four things we love about autumn from Game Changer Products LLC.

Autumn is quite possibly our favorite season of the year. Luckily for us, it’s just starting.  The sun starts to set earlier, temperatures cool down, and you can sense the promise of the upcoming holiday season.  On a recent zoom meeting, The Game Changer Products team strayed from the purpose of the meeting, as we often do, and started talking about things we love about Autumn.  So today, we share with you four favorite things we love about Autumn. Feel free to share your favorite things about Autumn in the comments.

Exercising Outdoors

Cool temperatures and colored leaves are the perfect backdrops for exercise.  Instead of logging more miles on a treadmill or your Pelaton, get outside!  A run or hike on leafy trails, especially when it’s cool, is a sure-fire way to energize your workout.  According to Piedmont Healthcare, exercise outdoors is a natural anti-depressant and can help ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder. Additionally, the changing terrain challenges your body in new ways. It forces your leg muscles and sense of balance to change as quickly as the ground beneath you does.  Finally, the colder weather forces your body to work harder during training.  According to Aston University, located in the United Kingdom, this also applies to your cardiovascular system. The heart works harder to pump blood around the body during cold-weather exercise so an invigorating workout helps to keep your heart health in tip-top shape. 

Eating Chili

A bowl of chili, topped with cheese, isolated on a white background.

When you are hungry, there is nothing better than a bowl of hot chili on a cool fall day.  There are thousands of recipes for chili, and many are surprisingly healthy.  An average serving of traditional beef and tomato-based chili is high in protein, low in fat, and contains lycopene from the tomatoes.  Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can help improved heart health and a lower risk of certain types of cancer. Plus, chili spices can help lower inflammation in the body.  Sometimes we serve our chili over a bed of corn chips, with lots of cheese and sour cream, which adds tons of salt and fat to the dish.  While all our “fixins” add flavor and crunch, they can make a bowl of chili less healthy than it could be.  But on a Sunday afternoon watching football, no one seems to care. 

Fall Beers

Another one of the four things we love about autumn is fall beers. There is something about cool weather that makes us want to drink more beer.  And not just any beer.  We really like the richer flavors of pumpkins, porters, and stouts.  Pumpkin beers we are stocking in the GCP fridge this season include Southern Tier Brewing’s, Pumking.  It’s slightly sweet, and highlights fall spices but finishes dry, so you can enjoy it in the afternoon. To sample several autumn beers, try the Sam Adams 12-beer Sweater Weather Variety Pack.  It includes a new pumpkin ale, Jack-O, plus the crowd-pleasing Octoberfest. 

Dark beers are great in the evening because they are often a bit sweet and flavored with chocolate, coffee, and nuts.  Our current favorite is the Westbrook Brewing Company’s 6th Anniversary Hazelnut Chocolate Imperial stout.  It delivers the flavors in its name, and at a mere 10% ABV, it’s easy to enjoy any night of the week.     

Cool Nights

Cooler nights are perfect for snuggling with someone special.  And that often leads to another one of our favorite activities.  Game Changer Products LLC has everything you need to keep your flame burning bright, with enhancement supplements to help you perform at your best.  From any one of our honey-based products to our 3-Best Selling Sampler Pack, Rhino, and Kangaroo products, you’ll get supplements with a long track record of proven success.  Just check out any of our 300+ reviews.  We also offer free and priority shipping options for speedy delivery so you can be ready when you need to be ready, and make Autumn your favorite season too! 

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