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Is Cardio Or Weight Training Better for Dropping Pounds? 

If you are looking to drop a few pounds, you may ask yourself which is better, cardio or weight training.  Both activities can help to change the way your body looks.  Also, both have benefits that go beyond physical appearance.  But before we give you the answer, make sure of your question.  Do you want to lose weight, or do you want to lose fat?  Do you want the scale to report a lower number, or do you want to look better in the mirror?  It’s important to be sure of what you want because cardio and weight training can do both, but they each accomplish one of those goals better than the other.  In this article, learn the benefits of each and how they can help you reach your goals.

Cardio is Better to Drop Pounds

If you want to lose weight, cardio is better than weight training.  Cardio is also more accessible.  Some cardio doesn’t require a gym membership or expensive equipment.  For instance, you can run for free almost anywhere.  If there is a high school nearby, you might be able to use their track and stadium steps for sprinting.  If you live near a lake or ocean, you can swim free.  For a couple of dollars, a jump rope can help you lose weight in the privacy of your home or garage, plus you can use it outside too.  According to Men’s Journal, here are the top five most effective types of cardio for losing weight:

Most Effective Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight
1. Sprinting
2. HIIT Training
3. Rowing
4. Swimming
5. Cycling
Artwork of a sprinter in motion, one of the best exercises for losing weight.
Sprinting is one of the best exercises for weight loss.

Losing weight requires burning more calories than you eat.  Therefore, high-intensity activities like sprinting top the list.  Whichever cardio activity you choose, make sure you keep your foot on the gas at all times.  Rowing and cycling at a moderate pace will burn calories, but a higher intensity will scorch more calories.

There are other benefits of cardio.  Increased circulation improves brain function, and studies show it can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  Cardio can also help you fall asleep faster and deeper, with better quality sleep.  Plus fewer pounds will make you look and feel better.  This results in a more positive body image.  Best of all, increased blood flow and a positive body image often result in enhanced sexual activity.  That’s an activity Game Changer Products endorses 100%!

Weight Training is Better for Torching Fat

If looking better is your goal, then shedding fat, especially belly fat, is what you want.  And there is no better way to burn fat than by weight training.  Here is why.  Weight training increases lean muscle mass.  At the same time, it increases metabolism rates allowing for a slow burn going throughout the day.  This results in a larger and more sustained calorie burn that melts fat and keeps it off.   According to Men’s Health Magazine, five of the best weight training exercises to burn fat are:

Great Fat Burning Weight Lifting Exercises
1. Squats
2. Deadlift
3. Kettlebell Swings
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Farmer’s Carry
Man preparing to deadlift and lose fat.
A man preparing to make a deadlift, one of the best exercises for losing fat.

The key to losing fat is to build lean muscle and increase your heart rate simultaneously.  Heavy loaded multi-joint movements like squats and deadlifts challenge multiple muscle groups, which both help you to build more muscle and expend more energy, burning fat.

Just like with cardio, weight training has other benefits.  One of the biggest benefits is the increase in bone density.  This helps to minimize the risk of osteoarthritis.  Additionally, weight training strengthens connective tissues and improves motor performance with less strain on joints.  According to the Australian Fitness Academy, strength training will elevate your endorphins, helping lift energy levels and improve your mood.  Studies have also shown that men and women feel better about themselves when they lift weights.  By getting stronger, lifting more weight, and noticing changes to their body over time, both men and women build confidence, improve body image and enhance their self-esteem.

Match Goals with the Most Effective Activity

All you have to do is decide if you want to lose weight or lose fat.  At this point, you may be saying, “I want both!”  If so, create a workout routine that includes cardio and weight training.  Do your cardio exercises first, if you need more weight loss.  If you want to build more muscles, throw the weights first.  Concentrating on your primary goal will help you decide which exercises to start your workout.

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