(12 Pack) Vitamin Energy® Focus+ Tropical Energy Shots, Clinically Proven




The Vitamin Energy® Focus+ brain support energy shot is designed to help focus and concentration. Our Vitamin Energy Focus+ Energy Drink is a brain booster formula that comprises of ingredients that help support enhanced cognitive function, focus, and concentration. Our special formula contains brain-nourishing ingredients that will help you perform at your highest level. Each shot is sugar free and provides up to 7+ hours of energy, with no crash later. Keto & vegan friendly. Help to protect and revitalize your body at the cellular level by providing energy and vital nutrients to keep your body strong. Reward yourself with our advanced liquid energy shots. 12-pack.

  • ⚡NO SUGAR LOW CALORIES: Fuel your day without spoiling your diet. Whether at work or at play, now you can conveniently get your vitamins while boosting your stamina levels for up to 7+ hours, with this no sugar, carbs and ultra-low calorie drink. We provide sustainable no crash energy you crave that works with your mind and body. These are high energy supplements in a shot without the sugar crash
  • ⚡DELICIOUS AND GOOD FOR YOU: A super blend of vitamins and nutrients combine to deliver real results that work with helping to boost mental clarity, cognition, and energy levels. Introduce your taste buds to a rush of tropical fruity flavor that is exceptionally tasty. Whether you need to sharpen your focus on the job, strengthen stamina on the trail, or increase your running energy levels, Focus+ is your answer
  • ⚡VITAMINS WITH BENEFITS: BCAA is a supplement known to aide in improved focus, memory, clarity, and energy. It plays an important role in healthy neurotransmitters and brain cell responsiveness. CoQ10 is known to help reduce sluggishness and sharpen focus and concentration. Uniquely designed to significantly boost your energy levels and support your brain function
  • ⚡SUSTAINED ENERGY: Whether you compete athletically at the highest levels, fight fires in the wilderness, or have an important presentation, Focus+ ingredients are known to help increase your mental sharpness and energy levels safely and effectively.
  • ⚡SAFETY & QUALITY: Vitamin Energy prides itself on delivering vitamin drinks and supplements at the highest degree of quality. These supplements are entirely non-GMO, gluten free, and gelatin free.
  • ⚡FIRST RESPONDERS:  For every carton purchased, Vitamin Energy is donating a carton to First Responders throughout the USA through our 1:1 First Responders Giveback Program.

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