BluntLife Blunt Life USA Extra Strong Spray Air Freshener, 1OZ (Box of 20)


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BluntLife Blunt Life USA Extra Strong Spray Air Freshener, 1OZ (Box of 20). Free Same Day Priority Shipping.

The package includes two (2) the following scents (as pictured) for a total of 20 BOTTLES:

Black Love, Bling Bling, Black Ace Type, Michael Kors Type, Victoria Secret Type, Pineapple, Fruit Punch, Sex on the Beach, Versace Type, Black Rain.

Assorted BluntLife 100% Concentrated Air Freshener Car/Home Spray. This pack contains 20 bottles of concentrated air fresheners, each offering a unique and invigorating scent.


Whether it’s your car or home, experience a burst of refreshing fragrance that lasts.

Features: Concentrated Power: Each bottle of BluntLife air freshener spray is 100% concentrated, ensuring a powerful and long-lasting scent that eliminates odors effectively. Assorted Scents: Enjoy a variety of delightful scents with this pack.

Versatile Use: Designed for both cars and homes, these air freshener sprays are perfect for eliminating unwanted odors in any space. Say goodbye to stale smells and welcome a fresh atmosphere.

Compact and Portable: The compact size of each bottle makes it convenient to carry them wherever you go. Keep one in your car, take one to the office, or spruce up your living space effortlessly.


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