Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms | 3 Pack


3 Pack

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Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms

Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms are ultra-thin for ultra sensitivity. These condoms are thinner than standard Trojan™ latex condoms to bring you increased enjoyment and sensations. Their thinness means you get a more natural feel. These staple thin condoms are a safe way to feel close to your partner while protecting you both.


  • Silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensation
  • Special reservoir end for extra protection
  • Premium latex helps reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs
  • Each condom is electronically tested to help ensure reliability

Condoms reduce the risk of transmitting STIs and unwanted pregnancy by providing a barrier against the source of both.   Condoms, however, are not effective in preventing STIs and pregnancy 100% of the time.  To learn more about the effectiveness of this product, please check out the Trojan website and read the Important Information disclaimer on the package.  Game Changer Products is not responsible for the effectiveness of this product and cannot be held liable for any outcome that occurs when using this product.  For more information, consult our website terms and conditions.

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Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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