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5 Refreshing Cocktails You Can Make At Home

A summer cocktail sitting poolside with a woman in the background.

Memorial Day marks the official start of the summer season.  As the weather gets warmer, we usually get together with friends and family for beach weekends, barbecues, and pool parties.  But in the age of responsible social distancing, we may be staying closer to home.  We still love refreshing cocktails to help get us through the dog days of summer.  So the Game Changer team spend one day recently mixing drinks and came up with a list of our 5 refreshing cocktails you can make at home.  Just a few ingredients you can buy or make is all you need, and most importantly, all are delicious and refreshing.  Each will hit the spot on a hot afternoon.  So try them all, but not necessarily all at once (like we did).  No one likes a sloppy drunk (like we were).

1. The Mojito

This was our staff’s favorite.  Grab a tall glass and fill it halfway with ice.  Then add 1 oz of white rum, the squeeze of half a fresh lime, ½ oz simple syrup, and ½ oz mint simple syrup.  Top it off with club soda, mix with a straw and garnish with a fresh mint sprig. 

Notes–You can find simple syrups in most grocery stores, or you can easily make them at home with just sugar, water, and a flavoring like fresh mint.  A lot of people muddle the mint into the glass first, but the mint gets all mashed and torn.  The leaves get stuck in a straw and then in your mouth.  Skip all that foolishness and use mint syrup instead.    

A mojito cocktail served on a warm summer night.  It's one of the five refreshing cocktails you can make at home.

2. The Dark and Stormy

This was created on the island of Bermuda and gets its name from the alcohol ingredient, dark rum.  A Dark and Stormy is traditionally made with Goslings Black Seal Rum, but you can use any dark rum you like.  Start with a tall glass and fill it halfway with ice.  Add 1 ½ oz dark rum, 1 oz ginger simple syrup, and the squeeze of half a fresh lime.  Then top it off with ginger beer.  One sip, and you will think you’re in the islands.

Notes—The ginger syrup is the “stormy” part of this drink.  The more ginger syrup you use, the hotter it gets, so adjust it to your taste.  If you can’t find ginger syrup in stores, make it at home.  Place equal parts of sugar and water in a saucepan.  Simmer over medium heat until sugar dissolves.  Remove from heat and stir in a handful of peeled and chopped fresh ginger.  Let it steep until cool.  Strain, and it’s ready to use.

3. The Cape Codder

This is as simple to make as it is refreshing to drink. It’s made with ice, vodka, cranberry juice, and lime.  Here is a recipe from the Food Network.  It’s cool and tart, just perfect for a hot summer day near the ocean. 

4. The Coco Lemon Cooler

This flavor combination just can’t be beaten, and it’s the perfect drink for relaxing around the pool.  Add a little music from Jimmy Buffett or Kenny Chesney, and you’ll be transported far away.  Plus, it’s so simple to make.  In a tall glass, add ice, 1 ½ oz coconut rum, fill with lemonade and top with a spritz of club soda.  You can mix variations of this with fresh summer fruits like blueberries or strawberries.  Just muddle a few at the bottom of the glass to release their juice before you add the ice.   

5. The Froze (Fro-Zay)

Pour one bottle of rose wine into a blender.  Add ice and blend until it’s slushy, adding more ice as needed.  Pour into a wine glass and go.  As a summer sipper, it’s Froze all day!

These 5 refreshing cocktails you can make at home are delicious and unique, so we are sure you’ll find one you like.  And they are all about variety.  They use different liquors, syrups, juices, and herbs so everyone will find something they like.  On top of that, you can get creative by trying different flavors of juice and garnish to create a signature summer drink of your own. 

Froze in a wineglass.

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